The Optic Check Ultraviolet is a portable optical microscope of great precision and reliability, ideal to examine in the minimum details every little surface where the ultraviolet light (365 nm) is indispensable for the materials and composed visibility. This instrument allows the use of different optics and oculars in function of the desired visual field of the possible measurements care.
   The set of oculars and lenses available allow to start from a visual field of 6mm and measurements with precision of 0.1mm (lens and ocular 20X) up to reach a precision of 0.001mm with a visual field of 0.48mm (lens and ocular 300X).
   Totally in aluminium, it is manufactured from an ergonomic base (micrometrical movements X-Y up to 10mm), an annular luminous source with ultraviolet led, an ocular-lens case body and a focus regulation nut.
   The Optic Check Ultraviolet is the ideal equipment also for the use outside of own laboratory because it is compact, handy and easily carriable, it doesn’t need of particular feeding sources because it is connectable to the USB socket of a portable PC or to a small rechargeable batteries feeder.
The annular light source with ultraviolet led is with adjustable intensity and it is possible to change the light bundle angle.
   If equipped with USB camera and software VIDEO VIEW (on request), it can become a very interesting work instrument and in some cases indispensable outside from own laboratory, when occurs to take images of smallest particulars not realizable with the normal means (ex. Use field: scientific police).


Magnification 20X 40X 60X 100X 150X 200X 300X
Field of
7.2 mmø 3.6 mmø 2.4 mmø 1.45 mmø 0.96 mmø 0.72 mmø 0.48 mmø
Min. scale
0.1mm 0.05mm 0.02mm 0.01mm 0.005mm 0.002mm 0.001mm
0.005" 0.002" 0.001" 0.0005" 0.0002" 0.0001" -
6.0 mm 3.0 mm 2.0 mm 1.2 mm 0.9 mm 0.6 mm 0.4 mm
0.236" 0.118" 0.078" 0.047" 0.035" 0.023" -
36.0 mm 18.7 mm 10.8 mm 5.7 mm 9.2 mm 6.7 mm 4.0 mm
0.06 0.12 0.15 0.19 0.24 0.35 0.4
35.0 mm 22.0 mm 16.5 mm 10.7 mm 7.3 mm 5.7 mm 3.9 mm


with normal lighting
with ultraviolet lighting (365 nm)