2034 V-ROLL-CX Wi-Fi
This new portable video microscope, with professional features, can facilitate and speed up production control in a variety of sectors.
Its design comes from the need to be able to quickly inspect flat or curved specular work surfaces even without the use of a PC / Laptop with cables, extension cables, etc.
For smartphones the connection is wireless (or with an OTG cable, if the mobile phone allows it), for PCs a USB connection is used (but also the wireless connection is available).
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2034/2054 USB
For the users of the famous set of pocket optic microscopes Peak (2034-2054) a particular 1,3Mpx USB mini camera is now available with relative software that makes them more interesting in the different production fields.
Naturally the microscopes 2034-2054 Peak (optic enlargements 20-40-60-100-150-200-300X) can be yet supplied with USB camera, lighting pen with high luminous intensity led and VIDEO VIEW light software.

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2008 USB
The 2008 USB is a very little pocket optical microscope that in less of a minute can become an excellent video microscope.
The system includes, besides the yet famous 2008 Peak optical microscope, a particular USB miniature camera from 3.2 Megapixel, a led illuminating system with luminous high intensity and from VIDEO VIEW light software.
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The EM-25 are new instruments, optical and video, prepared to the control and to the small objects precision measures or on different typology of surfaces in the working.
In the EM-25 there are also a prepared quality microscope with longitudinal sliding, a digital micrometric movement gauge for measurements up to 25mm with resolution of 0.001mm, a high ring luminous source with led variable intensity and a strong aluminium base adjustable in height. For the use in video, a micro camera USB from 3.2Mpixel is used.

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The newest USB Macro Measure is a strong quality portable video microscope, completely in aluminium, equipped of a 1.3Mpx USB camera suitable for the all sorts of uses and particularly useful in the quick control of the industrial production.
It can perform 10-20-30-40-50-100X of magnification (measurement field 27.2mm for the 10X, 2.75mm for the 100X) and exact measures thanks to the "interchangeable objectives with magnetic connection" system.
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This particular portable optical microscope is able to perform linear and depth measurements (Z axis) with centesimal precision.
A particular 1,3Mpx USB mini camera is also available with relative software (VIDEO VIEW light or VIDEO VIEW basic) that makes the DMM more interesting in the different production fields.
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