(code TDE 10073)

   It is a small but sturdy die-cast stand studied to make it easy for all users of VIDEO CHECK ROLL to examine easily very small objects that are difficult to handle (e.g. small tools or diamonds tips used for engraving).
   By simply removing the video-optical group from the base of the VCR and inserting it into the upper housing of the THREE-DIMENSIONAL EXPLORER (TDE), the system acquires the features of a professional laboratory video-microscope for quality control.
   All of this, is possible thanks to the micro-mechanism system fitted to the TDE which allows the rotating, tilting, raising, lowering and moving to the left and right of small objects under examination.

   Different lighting systems present in the TDE (diascopic or episcopic) allow to observe on a monitor, carefully, all sides of the cut and its efficiency to be assessed. Obviously, the use of the TDE can be much more varied, according to the sector in which the VCR are being used.

The THREE-DIMENSIONAL EXPLORER is a robust carriage made in injection-moulded aluminium, which, together with its accessories, allows the video-exploration of every small detail of an object.

1 - Acrylic magnetic support
(SPT TDE 000218)
2 - 90° rotating plate - optional
(SPT TDE 000219)
3 - Vice with magnetic mounts - optional
(SPT TDE 000220)
4 - Extension ring for objectives
(SPT TDE 000221)


   The small object under examination is a diamond-edged tool used for incisions on cylinders in the graphics sector.
   The TDE system allows you to inspect small objects all over, with different types of illumination: diascopic and episcopic.



Set CX light complete of magnetic spacers
and objective CX-200.
code SPT OVT 000462
Additional spacer to be used on stand SE-VCR and TDE
with set for coaxial light of the VCR series.

code SPT OVT 000463