2034 V-ROLL-CX Wi-Fi

    This new portable video microscope, with professional features, can facilitate and speed up the production control in various sectors.
     Its structure is completely made of aluminium, it is very compact and easy to handle and does not need to be connected to the power supply as it is equipped with a powerful rechargeable lithium battery.
     Its design comes from the need to be able to quickly inspect flat or curved specular work surfaces even without the use of a PC / Laptop with cables, extension cables, etc.
     For smartphones the connection is wireless (or with an OTG cable, if the mobile phone allows it), for PCs a USB connection is used (but also the wireless connection is available).
     The lightness of the video microscope allows it to be carried, positioned and focused with one hand, checking the transmitted image directly on your mobile phone, and saving frames or films. The images can be measured on a remote PC equipped with our Video View software.
     The objectives, equipped with our magnetic mount system, are interchangeable. There are 7 objectives available for use with coaxial light, from 200X to 2350X (field of view: 1.5 x 0.84 to 0.11 x 0.06 mm).
     The coaxial light, that equips the 2034 V-Roll-CX Wi-Fi, can be easily switched off; this also allows the occasional use of a series of objectives with low magnification and larger field of view than those for coaxial light (from 25X to 100X, field of view from 12 x 6.7 to 3.1 x 1.73 mm).
     For the latter objectives, an external light source (angular or grazing) can be used, as a LED illuminating pen, ideal for non-specular surfaces such as mouldings, rubber matrices, etc.

Technical Specifications

5Mpx camera
Resolution WiFi in MJPG format:
640x480 - 30 fps
800x600 - 30 fps
1024x768 - 30 fps
1600x1200 - 25 fps
1920x1080 - 20 fps
2592x1944 - 7 fps
USB in YUY2 format:
640x480 - 30 fps
800x600 - 25 fps
1024x768 - 15 fps
1600x1200 - 5 fps
1920x1080 - 2 fps
2592x1944 - 2 fps
Pixel size 2,2Ám x 2,2Ám
WiFi range 10 meters
Power Bank
Power 5200 mAh
Power duration 6 hours
Charging time 5 hours