2014-40-FLAT / 2014-40-ROLL
(Portable Optical Microscope)

The new 2014-40 pocket microscope (made entirely of aluminum) is an optical instrument for precision measurements (measuring range 3 mm - accuracy 0.01 mm). It has the advantage of be-ing portable and easy to use.
It can be used in many sectors of industry: in mechanics to measure Brinell indentations, the dis-tance between small bores, the size of engravings; in the construction sector the variation of the thickness of small cracks over time; in textiles the control of warps; in chemistry the quality control of painted surfaces; in graphics to control registration mark and halftone dots.
The 2014-40-FLAT model has a base for flat surfaces, while the 2014-40-ROLL has a base with rubber rollers for curved surfaces.

 Magnification 40X
 Field of view 5 mm
 Measuring range 3 mm
 Working distance 30 mm
 Min. scale division 0.5 mm
 Division of the knob 0.005 mm
 Power supply 1 AA lithium battery 3.6V-2.7 Ah
 Size 80 x 85 x 180 mm
 Net weight 580 g

1) Measuring scale in the eyepiece: 3 mm measuring range with 0.5 mm division (0,005 mm on the knob).
2) Horizontal reference line: fixed, used to align the object under examination with the measuring scale (without moving the microscope) by turning the rotating base.
3) Vertical moving axis: is moved by the knob with nonius (the excursion can exceed the field of view laterally).
4) Measuring divisions: each division corresponds to the shift on the X axis in the eyepiece by 5 mi-crons.
5) Knurled knob: allows an easy control of the measurement.
6) Eyepiece: turn the eyepiece to focus on the graduated scale inside.

The rotatable base allows to view the part to be measured without moving the base from the focused subject.