The Jumbo series at present is the top of our video systems range for the inspection and measurement of small and big objects.
   They have been designed to meet with the requests of a wide clientele coming from the most disparate sectors, desirous to have a not too expensive, of quality, practical and hard laboratory instrument, but very modular, able to follow the technical evolutions or the variable requirements of one's own company with the addition of parts and accessory also afterwards.
   The Work Station Jumbo (WSJ), the Jumbo Lite and the Jumbo Zoom are the instruments which have materialized all these requests and, thanks to the technical vanguard solutions adopted, today they turn out to be one of the item with the best performances on the market.
   Structured completely in aluminium and steel, these devices have a high stability, all the movements are completely motorized with steps also of half a micron (WSJ).
   Cameras of different resolutions and features are usable, the optical system is at "interchangeable objectives" with magnetic mount (for WSJ and Jumbo Lite) and, according to the use, it is possible to choose the most suitable one among a wide range of different devices.
   We have high resolution objectives which allow magnifications from 7X to beyond 600X at a working distance of about 80 mm, but it is possible the use of the wide objectives range of the VCR series which enable magnifications up to 2350X (with reference to a 14" monitor) at a working distance between 30 and 8 mm.
   As the accessories which can be combined with these new video systems are a lot, thanks also to their particular conformation, also the most particular requests coming from the various sectors of the industry will be quickly satisfied.

(code WSJ 10263)

   Work Station Jumbo (WSJ) represents the top of our range "VIDEO SYSTEMS"; it is completed motorized and equipped with a software Jumbo Control which handles the calibration of the objectives for the manual and automatic movement of the video-optical head with steps also of ½ micron through PC.
   The video input coming from the high resolution camera (250D) is introduced in the Firewire port (IEEE 1394) of the PC through external Firewire interface, while the software VideoKLite allows automatic focus, measurements, comparisons and filings of the images in a simple and fast way also by not highly specialized people.
   The lighting source of this system is of annular type at 48 and 24 leds selected for objectives with high and small working distance; it is also possible to use a special "coaxial" luminous source for high magnifications and medium-small working distance objectives (30 - 10 mm).
   Thanks to its characteristic of solidity and precision the Work Station Jumbo is able to measure the depth (Z axis) of little holes or cracks on the surfaces of the materials completely in automatic or in semi-automatic "step by step" mode through software and with high precision of 2 microns at 2350X.
   The movement of the objects on "x-y" axis is guaranteed by a "mechanical stage" (in outfit it is supplied the 50 x 50 mm with millesimal digital control) through two micrometrical heads, while a luminous source with a surface of 4 x 5" placed under the glass of the mechanical stage allows to make inspections and measurements of profiles of small and big objects.
   A lot of accessories are already available for the use of the Work Station Jumbo and many other are in execution; for any particular request, you can send us an e-mail explaining your requirements.

Jumbo is a modular system!

Removal of the video-optic head and of the illumination from the Jumbo system
and insertion on a Stand x-y...

...Jumbo has been transformed in a VCR-P!!
Now it's possible to make examinations directly on the workplace!!


   The possibility of inspecting any type of surface with all the wide range of available objectives of the VCR series (25x/2350x) and of the high definition series (LDH), will give a safe certainty to the operator to be able to use his device in almost all the occasions.
   The difference between the set for annular light Professional and the annular light Lite one is the possibility, for the Professional, of selecting 14 different angulations of origin of the lightings around the subject so as to be able to search every particular and make the image visible and stereoscopic as in the example:

Set annular light Professional

 Clicking on the keyboard you will
have a visual demonstration of the
illumination patterns.

   The use of the angulated light is suggested also to give prominence to the harshnesses or the conformation of the various surfaces.


Motorized Stand Control
complete of ba
(37 x 55 x 95 cm - weight about 20kg)
code SPT OVT 000499
Body VCR
complete of 1/3" high resolution and sensibility
colour microcamera (250D)
code SPT OVT 000388
High definition objective (10X)
with magnetic mount
code LDH-10

Objective (200X)
with magnetic mount
code 200-P

Objective (320X)
with magnetic mount
code 320-P

Cold Light Ring 24
magnetic illuminator for standard optics VCR series
with the possibility to select 14 different angles
of provenience of the light.
Complete of luminous intensity regulation.
code SPT OVT 000620
Cold Light Ring 80-120
Illuminator for working distance: 80-120mm,
with magnetic mount, high luminous intensity
and power regulator for high definition objectives (LDH series).
code SPT OVT 000625
STAND per stage x-y
with viewer SLIM 4x5" for viewing the profiles of the objects. The STAND is equipped with guide for the insertion of the viewer SLIM.
code SPT OVT 000493
Translation table XY 50x50 mm
code SLI MAR 000205
No. 2 Digital micrometrical heads 0,001 mm; range 0-50 mm
code SPT LIN 000374
Set check engine complete of:
Emergency stop (code SPT OVT 000500),
Cable with stop micro-switch (code SPT OVT 000502)
code SPT OVT 000503
Video power cable (2.3 m)
code SPT OVT 000034
Set of cables complete of:
RCA-RCA video cable (code SPT OVT 000032),
Engine connection cable (code SPT OVT 000501),
12V-12V 1m cable (code SPT OVT 000033)
code SPT OVT 000504
Power supply
Input: 100-240V / 47-63Hz
Output: 12V-5A / 24V-3A
code SPT ALP 000505
Set of Firewire interface
complete of software VideoKLite + Jumbo Control
for automatic focusing, measurement and comparison
of the images in live for PC and laptop
code SPT OVT 000516
Couple of magnetic 90° angulars, they allow to keep perfectly
lined up and perpendicular to the objective of the video system very thin or difficult to handle objects (i.e. cross sections of metal laminae, sheets of paper, plastic, etc).
Dimensions: 50x50x15mm
code SPT OVT 000490

The Work Station Jumbo can be supplied also with our PC SLIM, in this case the code to be mentioned on the order will be: WSJ 10233 (if the PC is destined to countries different to Italy, the operative system will be only in English language with software XP Pro installed, our programme and relevant calibration of the objectives, the PC will be immediately operative when received).
If you decide to use your PC, please verify that it has the following basic features:
- processor: Intel Pentium 4 or compatible
- operative system: Windows XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10
- RAM memory: 1GB
- video board: 256MB (dedicated) PCI Express or superior
- graphic extension: DirectX version 9.0 (or superior)
- space on disk: 20MB free
- input port firewire IEEE 1394

Link to PC

jumbo-pc.pdf (176 kb)


Vision Control Plus: Software comprehensive of Jumbo Control, for the manual and automatic moving of the video-optic head, and VIDEO VIEW - pro, for the images' superimposing in transparency and related check and measurement.