Videomicroscope for dermatology (50X)

   Derma Vision is a practical, easy to use, highly performing video-optical instrument to carefully inspect epidermic surfaces.
   Derma Vision has a video magnification of 50X with a 5,5 mm field of view (referred to a 14" monitor), a practical focusing ring nut and an incorporated intense cold light illumination.
   At the base of Derma Vision's illuminating part, there is an engraved glass decimal scale which allows to take accurate skin close measurements. This scale may be easily substituted with a neutral optical glass which comes with the device and which serves both to protect the Derma Vision's quality objective and to act as a support surface for the optical video system in order to obtain a perfect focusing.
   The Derma Vision video system is supplied in two versions: analogic "Derma Vision A" for the direct connection to a monitor/TV (scart socket) or digital "Derma Vision B" for the connection to a PC or laptop through its 1.3Mpx USB camera.
   In outfit to Derma Vision B, a high features software (VIDEO VIEW light) is supplied, it is possible acquire and save images in different formats (i.e. jpg, bmp, etc.), open and compare more images among them on the screen, zoom, make linear measurements, films, etc.
   The Derma Vision system can be advised to the aesthetics structures instead the more professional Video Micro Check.

The DERMA VISION "A" analogic TV system (code DER OVT 000075) includes:

Video head for Derma Vision "A"
code SPT OVT 000636
Switching alimentation set (input: 100-240V - output: 12V)
with cables and connectors for the connection to a monitor / TV.
code SPT OVT 000605
Neutral crystal
code SPT PEA 000076
Decimal scale
code SPT TOH 000235

The DERMA VISION "B" digital USB system (code DER OVT 000637) includes:

Video head for Derma Vision "B"
with 1.3Mpx USB camera
code SPT OVT 000688
"VIDEO VIEW light" software
for the vision, acquiring, comparing
and archive of images .

code VVL 10394
Neutral crystal
code SPT PEA 000076
Decimal scale
code SPT TOH 000235

USB Microcamera
Image sensor: 1/4" N-MOS
Synchronization system: internal (progressive scan)
1.3 Mega pixels
Available resolutions:1280x960 (SXGA), 640x480 (VGA), 320x240 (QVGA)
Output color format: YUV (8bits)
Automatic white balance
USB2.0 interface
Operation temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Minimum system requirements:
Operative system: Windows 10 (64 bit)
CPU: Intel Core iX or equivalent
RAM memory: 4 Gb (recommended 8 Gb)
Video card: 1 Gb
Disk space: 100 Mb approx.
Input ports: 1 USB2.0 for video input
                     1 USB 2.0 for the sofware key
Software VIDEO VIEW light  Video View light


USB Footswitch
To use to take picture when your hands are busy or the PC is not near the workplace
code SPT FSW 000668
Cedar oil (13.5ml)
used in dermatology. In contact with the skin, it improves the brilliance of the images.
code SPT CED 000685