Ruler Check represents the last innovations of the optical video systems by Lippolis optical video technology production.
   Designed to satisfy the needs to inspect or also measure distances on very great surfaces (not possible with the normal video microscopes), the Ruler Check systems have been appreciated from the customers and the positive feedback has given the possibility to develop different models.
   This set of new measure instruments is based on the optical-video head sliding along a precision guide while a sensor surveys the movement and sends the data to a display or to a PC; a software (if foreseen) provide to insert also the relative reference quotes in the acquired images context.
   Another innovation of these systems (not included in the zoom set) is in the possibility to extract easily with an hand, the interchangeable optical video head from its site and to insert it on transportable and autonomous bases (see VCR series). These bases are supplied with high intensity led illumination and prepared to be transported in another production zone; the new video microscope connected to your portable PC will be an additional instrument and indispensable to supervise, measure or acquire images on plane or curve surfaces.
   The video or optical Ruler Check system is transportable because every model is supplied also with two handles that facilitate the more bulky systems positioning (2360mm – 17 kg) on the surfaces to examine.
   The Ruler Check systems have been tested and immediately appreciated for their functionality and use practicality, besides that for the price accessible to all people.

They are available in the following models and useful lengths:
  • VIDEO RULER (VR) 300 / 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm
  • VIDEO RULER PRO (VR-PRO) 300 / 500 / 700 / 1000 mm
  • VIDEO RULER ZOOM (VR-ZOOM) 300 / 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm
  • OPTIC RULER MEASURE (ORM) 300 / 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1500 / 2000 mm

Measurements of very distant points
(outside the field of view)


   VR foresees the use of a interchangeable optical and video system that allow magnifying included between 25 and 2350X (video head VCR set).
   It is connectable to monitor/TV and allows to make exact measurements readable on the endowment display that, assembled on the “Ruler system”, allows to every movement the reached distance visualization with the precision of 0,03mm.
   Naturally it is also possible the connection to a PC/laptop through an external interface and VIDEO VIEW basic software with which it is possible to capture images, compare them, save them, perform measurements in the monitor visible area or record a film.


   VR-PRO is the “top” product of “Ruler Check” sets, uses an interchangeable optical and video system with magnetic joint for magnifying included between 25 and 2350X and performs measurements with centesimal or millesimal precision thanks to our VideoKLite software, as long as, making sliding the video head along the guide, the alignment between two points to measure is included in the height maximum value of the visual field.
   The measurements, after having been acquired from the software, are inserted on the respective images and so integrated in an innovative mapping system able to make visible the distances to measure in an unique image, also being much distant the one from the other.
   Besides it is possible to use the full tolls set of which "VideoKLite" disposes to perform all more common measurements types with micro metric precision, acquire, save, compare images and perform films.


   VR-ZOOM is supplied prepared with a zoom video head to perform inspections and video controls on monitor or TV, but on request it is also possible to connect it to a PC or laptop through an external USB interface with relative VIDEO VIEW light software.
   Its utility is exalted from the work great distance when you want to analyze objects of great sizes and very delicate that in any way must come in contact with extraneous bodies (paintings by a famous painter, electronic circuits, print matrices, etc.).
   Thanks to the available different lengths of the sliding guide (X axis) and to a little run in Y (70mm), a high speed is guaranteed to individuate the point to examine working on low magnifying and after magnify it up to 250X.


   Taking into consideration the “Video Ruler” system performing characteristics, can happen that in any work typology isn’t requested a video system but an optical (more compact and also less expensive).
   At this aim it is available the OPTIC RULER version, that foresees the use on the guide of an interchangeable optics little microscope (20-40-60-100-150-200-300X). The operator will be able to measure and control on the display the distance between a point and the other with the precision of 0,03mm or in the ocular visible area with precision up to 0,001mm in accordance with the used objective and ocular.
   On this model it is possible to have an optical head with ultraviolet led illumination in alternative to that one in endowment.