The Ruler system includes a 25X little optical microscope of precision with led lighting prepared to be able to slide over a metallic bar equipped with a visualizer of digital position: with the visualizer it is possible to appreciate measures up to 0.01mm while the accuracy is of +/- 0.03mm for the models from 300 to 800mm and +/- 0.05mm for for the models from 800 to 1000mm; for a better accuracy (until a 1 micron) we suggest Ruler check systems.
The Ruler is produced in two versions: Optical and Optical-Video. For both the models three standard versions are available for measures up to 300-500-800mm (other measures can be requested).

The microscope can be also used disconnected from the housing of the ruler. If inserted in its housing, it can be dragged quickly on a desired point, while a wide display shows simultaneously the position (the position can be measured in mm or inches).
For precision movements the grips on the aluminum base can be used.

The mounting or the dismounting of the microscope in the housing is made in a simple and fast way as shown in the picture.

The Ruler system can be supplied in OPTIC/VIDEO version immediately or also completed with the video kit subsequently. The optic-video feature of the system is simple because the camera is inserted on the eyepiece, the USB cable is connected to the PC and all is ready in a minute. With the Video View Light software it’s possible to acquire, compare, store, make linear measurements, record videos, print two images with a comment, etc.


Peak Optical Microscope
Video *
Field of view
3.0 mm
Video *
Working Distance
17.0 mm
Eyepiece scale divisions

* referred to a 14" monitor

USB Microcamera
  • Image sensor: 1/2.5" color CMOS
  • 5 Mega pixels
  • Resolution: 1920x1080@30fps
  • USB2.0 interface
Software: VIDEO VIEW light 

System requirements:
    Operative system: Windows 10 (64 bit)
    CPU: Intel Core iX or compatible
    RAM memory: 4 Gb (recommended 8 Gb)
    Video card: 1 Gb
    Disk space: 100 Mb
    Input ports: 1 USB 2.0 for video input
1 USB 2.0 for the sofware key


Optic versions
Ruler Optic 25X - 300mm
code RULER OPT 25-300
Ruler Optic 25X - 500mm
code RULER OPT 25-500
Ruler Optic 25X - 800mm
code RULER OPT 25-800

Optic+Video versions
Ruler Optic+Video 25X - 300mm
code RULER VOPT 25-300
Ruler Optic+Video 25X - 500mm
code RULER VOPT 25-500
Ruler Optic+Video 25X - 800mm
code RULER VOPT 25-800