Mechanical Stages X-Y

Translation table XY 150x50 mm
code SLI MAR 000206

Translation table XY 25x25 mm
code SLI MAR 000207

Translation table XY 50x50 mm
code SLI MAR 000205

Translation table XY 100x100 mm
code SLI MAR 000208

Digital micrometrical head 0,001 mm;
range 0-50 mm
code SPT LIN 000374

Centesimal micrometrical head 0,01 mm;
range 25 mm
code SPT TES 000381

Miniaturized translation table XY 10x10 mm
(Dimensions: 120x120x16 mm; Weight: 430 g)
code SLI OVT 000438

Stand for micrometrical tables x-y
code SPT OVT 000553
Flat viewer (slim) to make
measurements of profiles (5x4")
code 3709
As 3709, but with power supply
code 3709/A

The SMX-Y stand is provided with microshiftings manual slide (75-50 mm x-y) and the viewer SLIM 4 x5" which, inserted in the suitable guide under the stand, allows to have on the monitor the profile of the objects for being to execute measurements.
code SPT OVT 000492