This new videomicroscope has been designed to satisfy the requests of a lot of users of our VCR, desirous to have a simple tool, robust, easy to carry, not too expensive, to be given to your technicians for a practical and fast check on the production quality both inside your agency and outside by the customers.
   The VCR-SL is the device which satisfies all these requirements, practical, compact, completely in aluminium, it has an excellent quality in the yield of the coloured images and it can also be easily linked to a laptop.
   Its base is equipped with an annular lighting system at 12V at a very high adjustable luminous intensity which allows to inspect surfaces completely black or white also at 2350 magnifications.
   It uses objectives with magnetic mount of the VCR series (from 25x up to 2350x) as well as the whole range of the available accessories for the same series.  
   It is possible to use the VCR-SL on flat and curved surfaces and, thanks to its technical features, it is recommended also to inspect surfaces of cylinders engraved for the print from Ø 115 mm and upwards, included anilox cylinders or various polymers.
   To let the VCR-SL adhere on cylinders or inclined metal surfaces, magnetic rolls with high attraction power are available.
   The VCR-SL can be connected to a laptop or PC through its 5Mpx CMOS USB2.0 or USB3.0 camera and, thanks to our VIDEO VIEW light software, it can make acquisitions, comparisons, archives, etc..
   It's available the version with VIDEO VIEW basic software to make also measurements.
   If the VCR-SL is supplied with coaxial light, it takes the name of VCR-CX.

Magnetic Stand


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Rim of the razor blade examined with coaxial light (750X)

Watch mechanism

Anilox cylinder

Section of milk's
carton (320X)

Print screen

Flexographic cliché