for 2034/2054 USB Pocket Microscope

(code STC 3454 SRF 00013)

2034-54 prova 2.jpg

   We are pleased to present the new All-in-one solution to immediately start to work at best.
   With the new PC-Tablet Microsoft Surface, thin, powerful and with a large autonomy the consumer can works also without power point; the suitcase, specifically studied for the device transport, transforms itself in a workbench where you can place the new Surface and also insert the external keyboard (not included because it is different in every country).

   The PC-Tablet is supplied with OS in your own language, and with the Video View software (LIGHT or BASIC) pre-installed and calibrated to work exploiting at maximum the objective lenses.
   In order to start working the consumer only needs to connect the microscope and turn on Surface.

   A very useful feature of our software is the chance of taking a photo and doing measures in a second time, also without the microscope (useful when it is not possible or there is not enough time to do measures immediately, or also when the computer has been formatted/changed and all data have been lost.

Set details:
- Suitcase Dimensions: 380x266x150mm
- Weight: 5kg (weight includes suitcase, microscope and cables, Surface)

NB: 2034/2054 microscope not included in code STC 3454 SRF 00013