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The world of technology continues its inexorable advance. To meet with the more and more specific and sophisticated requests, it is essential to look for the right company, which is able to put an inspired idea into practice.


LIPPOLIS OPTICAL VIDEO TECHNOLOGY has the required technological skills to implement requests coming from minor and major industry with its own contribution of vanguard solution and technical suggestions. Its speed in analysing the problem and developing the prototype is one of its prerogatives.


LIPPOLIS OPTICAL VIDEO TECHNOLOGY began its activity in 1982 by the current owner, LIPPOLIS DIONISIO. Years of studies and research have made the company technologically advanced enough to make it a point of reference for solving a wide variety of problems in the optical-video sector in Italy and Europe.


The current production includes special videomicroscope for laboratory for the industry and the research and very compact small portable videomicroscopes of high quality and reliability, used in the most different sectors (mechanical, electronic, graphic, medical, textile, etc.) and very useful software.


Its products are present in at least 40 countries of the world by companies, research institutes, public corporations, etc.; the assistance is directly guaranteed by the LIPPOLIS OPTICAL VIDEO TECHNOLOGY in 48 hours for Europe and in a week for the rest of the world.


Via G. D'Annunzio, 1 - 20027 Rescaldina (MI) - Italy
VAT n°: 06326300156
Registration C.C.I.A.A. Milano: 1101905

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